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Secret BlizzCon Goodies Revealed

Tickets to Blizzard's BlizzCon 2007 are already sold out, and that's with the company still holding back on announcing some extra goodies participants will be receiving. Swag, a beta key to an upcoming game, and an in-game murloc suit have already been announced, but those goodies seem to only be the beginning.

All BlizzCon 2007 participants will also be receiving the original Warcraft game along with an all new expansion for the game that will not be released to the public. 100 randomly selected attendees will be getting an autographed advanced copy of a DVD containing a compilation of all cutscenes from every Warcraft game that's been released as well as over a dozen scenes never before seen by the public. The DVD is expected to hit stores in time for this year's holiday season.

While many have been speculating that the beta key will be to the recently announced Starcraft 2, it has been leaked that the beta invitation will actually be to a Tower Defense flash game that Blizzard plans on releasing to the public later this year. Blizzard hopes to capitalize on the latest flash game sensation. With flash games like Desktop Tower Defense, Flash Element TD, and Onslaught demonstrating the popularity of Tower Defense games, Blizzard hopes that they'll be able to corner the market by utilizing their vast gaming resources.

Even with all the above goodies being planned for the convention, Blizzard's sure to have at least one or two more big surprises in store for us all.

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  1. Marie Weaver Said:

    You will change the link on desktop Tower Defense, Flash Element TD, and Onslaught.

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