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Jessica Alba's Gaming Interview Inspires Other Celebrities

Jessica Alba's gaming interview not only helped her seem more down to earth, it also pushed her up a few notches in the minds of gaming geeks everywhere. It didn't take long for other celebrities to jump on the tech geek bandwagon as movie, television, music, and sports celebs are all setting up interviews and sending out press releases talking about their own tech-related hobbies and interests.

Brad Pitt has revealed that XBox 360 game Viva Pinata is his favorite game and that he plays nearly 20 hours a week. He's also admitted that the Mousemallow is his favorite pinata and that he's sacrificed much of his garden to keep them alive and thriving.

Charlize Theron's agent sent out a press release detailing Theron's obsession with World of Warcraft. Apparently she's been playing since the initial beta and has been playing under an alias (and refuses to let anyone know her name or the server she plays on) so that she won't get mobbed by fans in-game. She does reveal that her main character is a level 70 undead warlock and she has an alt that's a level 56 rogue gnome. The press release went on to describe Theron's passion for PvP and also her recent dabbling with in-game role playing.

Sean Connery's gaming addiction is with the popular casual game Bejeweled. He's even admitted that his love of the game had a partial hand in his retirement from acting. He's currently going to therapy to try and bring his playing time down to a reasonable level.

Child star Dakota Fanning has admitted she's a big fan of the Halo series. Currently spending most of her gaming time with Halo 2, she's also recently participated in the Halo 3 beta and says that she's eager to play the final product. She has also confessed having an obsession with XBox 360 achievements and has been known to talk trash online during heated Halo matches.

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