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Internet Taxes Coming to a Web Near You

News of Congress pushing internet tax leglislation has many Web surfers scared - and with good reason. Not only are "standard" taxes being proposed, such as sales tax on Web shopping, more extreme taxes are also being considered. Below is a list of confirmed internet taxing ideas Congress will be considering over the next few months.

  • Sales tax on internet shopping.

  • Monthly taxes on DSL and other connections.

  • Streaming audio and video tax (per minute).

  • Download tax on all files with higher fees based on file size and type.

  • Search engine tax (per result).

  • Image display tax.

  • Form submission tax.

  • Email tax.

  • Instant messaging tax.

  • Page view tax.

Not surprisingly, many frequent Web surfers are up in arms. Many Web-based businesses such as Google, Amazon, and Yahoo! have voiced their concerns that the new legislation would severly harm their dealings on the Web. Most brick and mortar shops are backing the new legislation claiming it will level the playing field and will only put restrictions on Web-based businesses that are already on non Web-based businesses.

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