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Netflix Announces NetChix

Eager to expand it's online rental dominance to other markets, Netflix has announced a new service called NetChix that will bring their rental expertise to the escort and prostitution world.

With the project currently slated for an end of 2007 release, Netflix hopes to capitalize on all the lonely souls out there for the holiday season. Netflix expects to gain many new customers who will be looking for family gathering dates, holiday party arm candy, or merely some companionship during what would otherwise be a lonely holiday season.

Hoping to avoid legal troubles, NetChix will not offer it's prostitution services for states and cities where laws prohibit such activities. They will still offer platonic escorting services to those areas even though many fear the "planotic services" will end up being full on prostitution.

Many groups have come out in protest to the newly announced NetChix. Legal action is currently not an option as courts have already dismissed two cases against the service and have released a statement confirming the legality of the current plan for NetChix. Fearing loss of business, local pimps and hoes have started a lobby group they hope will stir up new legislation banning web-based escort and prostitution.

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