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Tivo Announces Series 4 Features

With Tivo Series 3 already a success, the company has announced that development on Series 4 is already underway. While the complete set of features and enhancements are still being worked out, Tivo has released an initial wishlist that they hope will be implemented with Series 4.

Enhancements / Features

  • More Space - the product will come with a single hard drive option - 20 terabytes (approx. 20,000 gigabytes) and will be come with 10 pre-loaded HD movies of your choice.

  • New Colors - the system will come with 9 colors - white, blue, black, red, green, pink, brown, purple, and grey.

  • Hidden Suggestions - the "suggetions" feature will feature an option users can set to hide all adult programming so that visitors won't see what you've really been watching.

  • Wii integration - use Nintendo's Wii remote to navigate the Tivo menus and control playback options.

  • Online Messaging - able to create a "buddy list" that users will be able to use to send messages back and forth.

  • Voice Recognition and Tivo Personalities - perhaps the biggest feature will be the new TivoPersonal option. When you buy your Tivo, you'll be able to purchase a specific personality for your box. These personalities will work with advanced voice recognition software to learn your likes and dislikes and will be able to better interact with you and provide you with a better overall entertainment experience. Reps say these personalities will show a variety of emotions from joy and excitement to anger and jealousy. Examples include how recording too much porn could make your TivoPersonal personality jealous or over protective. Go on vacation or just not turn on your TV for awhile and your Tivo may get lonely. Tivo reps fully believe the personalities will add a new dimension to home entertainment that people have been lacking.

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