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Nintendo Developing Wii Drinking Game

Nintendo's Mario Party franchise has become well known for being a great drinking game for college student while the game itself leans towards the more innocent and "kiddy" with cartoonish characters and relatively simple games. For many years people have had to come up with their own rules to transform the party game into a drinking party game, but Nintendo plans on changing all that with their newly announced Wii Drink Party.

So far Nintendo has been fairly tight lipped about the game, though some details have recently been leaked. We do know that some traditional drinking games will make it into the final product, including beer pong, quarters, California Kings, and flip cup. On top of that, Nintendo promises to include some original drinking games that are made possible with video games and more specifically the motion controlled Wii.

It's also been revealed that the game will come with four clips that will enable the Wii remote to be attached to drinking cups, thus allowing the game to determine how much each player drinks during the drinking parts of the game. Similar to Wii Sports, Wii Drink Party will intersperse screens between games reminding players to not drink and drive and to drink responsibly.

No release date has been announced.

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