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More Heroes Spinoffs on the Way

NBC recently revealed Heroes: Origins, a Heroes spinoff that'll introduce new characters and storylines and will hopefully help maintain the huge success Heroes has been for NBC. Along with this news, it has been discovered that there are in fact, 14 different spinoffs that the show's creators are planning depending on how well the Origins spinoff does.

Below are a few of the confirmed possibilities:

Heroes: HB
A troubled teen hero makes his way to Huntington Beach where a well-to-do family takes him in and gives him a reason to stay out of jail. The family's nerdy son becomes best friends with the new hero as they poke fun of the artificial culture around them.

Superpowers in the City
Four females gossip about their recent relationships with the city's heroes (and the occasional villain). The main character writes her own column about the city's heroes and the superpowers she's constantly falling in and out of love with.

Extreme Makeover: Heroes Edition
Hosts of the show meet up with various heroes who have fallen on hard times. Sometimes helping the heroes develop their powers, other times helping them find just the right costume for a Friday night. The show looks to bring hope to all heroes out there who just need a little push in the right direction.

Charlie's Heroes
Three scantily clad female heroes work at a private investigation company. Charlie, their rarely seen boss, sends them out undercover on various missions where their cover is always inevitably blown.

Dancing with the Heroes
Heroes are paired up with professional dancers and compete to see who's the best. Judges rank them on their grace, poise, movement, and power usage.

Survivor: Heroes
Heroes are all put on an island with no food or shelter where they must compete to see who'll be the last hero standing. The heroes all use their powers during competition to fight for immunity so they can avoid the risk of being voted off by their team members.

Two and a Half Heroes
A hero and his son move in with the hero's brother. The brother, constantly using his powers to pick up women, and the father, ever reluctant about using his powers, are constantly battling with each other's parenting style which puts the boy in awkward situations.

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