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Spider-Man 4 Through 34 Already Planned

Spider-Man 3I doubt anyone is surprised that Spider-Man 3 is already a huge success. The fact that it's already breaking records and is on it's way to breaking more isn't much of a shock eithert. People are already expecting a sequel, but what they weren't expecting was Sony's recent announcement that plans have already been put into motion create not one, not two, but 31 sequels to the popular Spider-Man franchise.

Movie rights to Marvel's Spider-Man franchise have been bought through the year 2056. In fact, scripts have already been drafted and approved for the next 12 Spider-Man movies - which should be released over the next 20 years. Sony expects each to be released approximately every other year, though there may be exceptions.

Sony has also signed Tobey Maguire for at least the next three movies and has rights to his first born son to play Peter Parker once Tobey has aged beyond the role's requirement. There's no word on whether Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, or any other stars have been signed for future films, though it's expected that Dunst will surely be on board.


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