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MySpace Releases Detailed User Statistics

With AOL releasing the private data of its users, there has been much pressure placed on the popular social networking site MySpace to do the same. Apparently it didn't take long for the web giant to cave in as detailed statistics of the MySpace user base was released earlier this morning.

While most companies keep such information as closely guarded secrets, MySpace has decided to open it all up to the public to help battle the negative press it has received lately. Below are some of the more interesting stats.

Traffic and Costs

  • 98.7% of all traffic is by automated bots.

  • They are using one server for every 50 accounts due to poorly designed software and a badly configured network.

  • The site loses nearly $500,000 a day.

User Information

  • While there are around 50,000,000 MySpace accounts, only 376 are actual users.

  • 313 are men, with 293 posing as women.

  • 32,303,035 accounts have been traced back to a single person who makes nearly $150,000 a month advertising.

  • Only one person is using their real age.

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  1. Riley Said:

    Those are some crazy statistics, they can't be accurate or seem impossible to me anyway. I really don't pay much attention to Myspace.

  2. Zach Said:

    this research is completely ridiculous.

  3. leshay Said:

    i will like to check my mail thank you so much

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