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Microsoft's Zune To Play a Different Tune

As Microsoft announced it's development of the Zune entertainment player, many instantly made the comparison to Apple's iPod and assumed it was an attempt at competing with it. However, recent hardware specs have been leaked that indicate Microsoft may be planning on taking on more than just the iPod.

In the leaked specs, Microsoft mentions that Zune will be "a first generation Microsoft portable 'everything' device". The specs go on detailing key features of the device including:

  • Ability to play games downloaded from XBox Live Arcade.

  • Built in keyboard for gaming, texting, and surfing.

  • Ability to connect with Microsoft's new Live Anywhere technology.

  • Ability to be used as a portable phone.

  • Built in GPS functionality.

  • Ability to function as a universal remote.

  • Pre-installed Microsoft Windows ZOS (Zune Operating System).

  • Built in motion sensing capabilities.

With all the included features and components, many are already comparing Microsoft's Zune to the failure that is Nokia's N-Gage. Currently, the Zune measures in at nearly three times the size of Apple's iPod Video, which is the cause of much concern for shareholders.

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