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Comic-Con Marvel vs. DC Fan Fight

This year's Comic-Con in San Deigo ends later today, though it's likely the most exciting event has already taken place - an all out brawl between Marvel fans and DC fans.

Each year comic fans from all over the world join together at the comic convention to talk, show off their costumes, and to check out various comic vendors. Each year there's a tension between Marvel fans and DC fans, but so far nothing major has come of it... that is until today.

SupermanIt all started when a fan dressed as Superman hit on Jean Grey. Just as the Superman fan put his arm around the Jean fan, one of the Cyclops fans jumped in and shoved Superman screaming "Hey there alien scum. Why don't you stick to your own comic universe."

Superman proceeded to laugh at Cyclops, remarking that his costume looked "like a first grader made it during recess".

Cyclops took offense to this. Reaching up to his plastic Cyclops glasses, the dressed up fan tapped the side of his head making peww peww sounds.

Superman laughed again, reminding Cyclops that he was invincible. At this point, a fan dressed up like Spider-Man threw some green juice on Superman claiming it was kryptonite and proclaimed that Superman was now dead.

Four Batman fans jumped in and knocked Spider-Man and Cyclops to the ground, which caused a whole slew of Marvel fans to circle around. Every X-Man was accounted for (usually with multiple copies), as was the Hulk, Captain America, and just about every other Marvel hero. A group of DC heroes then came in, with 11 Supermans, 7 Batmans, 2 Robins, a Green Arrow, an Aquaman, and 2 Catwomen.

They all began yelling at each other, arguing which comic universe was supreme. Then they started using their fake powers on each other, but when nobody was willing to accept being harmed by another's powers, it came to real blows. Luckily the fans had rarely been exposed to such physical exertion, so they tired themselves out before anybody could do any serious damage.

The police finally arrived at the scene with the parents of all the disturbers. Nobody was arrested and no charges have been filed, though it has been said that they have all been grounded for a minimum of three weeks.

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  1. HART (1-800-HART) Said:

    That's actually quite funny! I wonder if anybody filled that brawl?

  2. HART (1-800-HART) Said:

    filled? I meant filmed.... oop

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