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Indian Casinos Setup Online Gambling

Some of you may not know it, but online gambling in the United States is illegal... well sort of. Most, if not all, online gambling websites are based outside the United States, which makes them legal to run, but not necessarily legal for United States players to play. That hasn't seemed to stop many US citizens, so the House of Representatives recently took measures to make it even more difficult for U.S. citizens to gamble online.

With it looking like the death of online gambling coming to the United States, Indian casinos have decided to step in. Using existing protections against gambling regulations, many Indian casinos have launched their own online gambling websites. Lawyers representing the new online casinos say U.S. citizens will legally be able to log on and gamble with the Indian run websites, citing previously established laws and court cases that back the American Indians' right to run casinos.

Lawmakers are furious over these new websites but many admit that there's nothing they can do. "Legally these websites fall under the same protections granted to the brick and mortar casinos. Any new laws passed against the online casinos will likely be dismissed by the courts."

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