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Battlestar Galactica More Science Than Fiction

I don't want everybody to panic, but it has come to my attention that the Sci Fi channel's popular television show Battlestar Galactica is more science than fiction. To put it plainly, the general storyline in the show is based on real events. The show itself is actually a way to prepare us for the eventual arrival of the Human and Cylon fleets.

For those that haven't been following the show, basically, there were 12 colonies way out in space that were attacked by robots called Cylons. These machines obliterated the 12 colonies. A small fleet was able to escape and have been in search of the 13th colony, Earth. The fleet has been continuously chased by the Cylons, as the Cylons are very interested in Earth as well.

Those events, previously thought to be just a fabricated storyline for the show, are actually real events. The show was actually created by a few people from a scout ship to help prepare us for the fleet's arrival. There was a previous Battlestar Galactica television show, which was also meant to prepare us, but the fleet's arrival had to be delayed due to the Cylon's finding their trail.

The new show is meant to re-introduce us to what's going on so that we'll have a partial understanding of the situation. Though we have been given no dates on when the arrival may happen, we are told to expect it within 10 years. The reason for masking the show as a fiction was due to the fact that they didn't want to shock us or send us into panic, but rather give us some background information (even if we thought that info was purely fiction).

Unfortunately, the scouts themselves don't know the current situation with the fleet, as they have been here on Earth for about 5 years, so their information is old. As such, it is unknown exactly what Earth must do to prepare; if it's a war we must prepare for or somehow make plans to evacuate.

Hopefully the television show will shed some more light on Earth's role in this war.

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  1. BSG Fan Said:

    "Unfortunately, the scouts themselves don?t know the current situation with the fleet, as they have been here on Earth for about 5 years, so their information is old." hate to say it but if they have only been here 5 years, how did they set of the original Galactica show?

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    They had to send more scouts after the first ones arrived since, like I said, the arrival of the fleet was delayed. Once they found out that it'd be longer than expected, they sent a new set of scouts to remake the series in order to have more updated information.

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