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MySpace Partners With Adult Friend Finder

MySpace, the online friend network system, and AdultFriendFinder, the online adult matching service, have announced a partnership that will bring about a new website named "MyAdultFriendSpace". The new site will be an online community similar to MySpace but for adults only, emphasizing adult oriented features.

Some key new features include:

Minimum Age Requirement: One of the biggest issues with MySpace right now is the public's outcry of older people contacting teens and how it could potentially lead to online or even offline sexual conduct. MyAdultFriendSpace will avoid this problem by setting a minimum age requirement of 21 years and will actually do a credit card check to verify age.

Detailed User Profiles: Each person's profile will include more detailed information such as sexual orientation, preferred positions, length, girth, etc. Users will likewise be able to search on any of those criteria to add new AdultFriends.

Hot Posts: Like MySpace, each user will have the ability to make personal posts, similar to a blog. The posts can be rated by users for how hot the post is. Similarly, the hottest posts will be posted on the main website for all to see. The posts will be tied to different categories such as Personal Experiences, Sexual Frustrations, and What I Like in Bed.

Sex Links: Each profile will be linked to other profiles that the person has had sex with. Included with the link will be detailed tags such as the STDs transferred, how each side rated the sex, and if either party became pregnant (with a % change that the male in the link could be the father).

Top Lists: MyAdultFriendSpace will have a number of "top lists" that will display the top users, posts, etc. for certain categories. Lists that have been confirmed so far are:

  • Most Sexually Active - This list will show the users that have the most sex links for a certain time period. Included next to each user is the likelihood of STDs and babies.

  • Horniest - This list is a complicated algorithm that takes into account previous sex the person has had and compares it to any "drought" that are currently experiencing. The idea is that a person that used to have a lot of sex, but is currently hitting a dry spell sexually will probably be very horny.

  • Freakiest - People that make the top of the freaky list will have sex links with a variety of different people. The freaky people will have sex links with all genders, races, heights, and weights and will have experienced many different positions and locations.

The deal between the two websites is likely to benefit both parties in the long run, though the initial response seems to be quite negative. The MySpace community is in an uproar over the announcment as they fear that their profiles have basically been sold to an adult service. However, MySpace representatives assure everybody that the user profiles will be only be sent to the new community if the user opts in. The reps also stress that by adding a separate MySpace related community that is adult oriented, they hope to clean up the MySpace community and make it a safer place for teens.


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