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Nintendo Changes Console's Name... Again

It was announced yesterday that Nintendo was changing its next console's name from Revolution to Wii. This news was not good news for most of the gaming community, though there were a few that seemed to like it.

Most thought the name was set in stone; that there was no chance of Nintendo changing the name again. Those people were wrong.

Nintendo announced today that they have listened to their fans' complaints and as such, have changed the name of their console once again. Gamers didn't like the simplicity of the Wii name, the obscure meaning, and the connection with the slang "wee wee". With that, Nintendo has decided to name their next console the Home Gaming Console Machine System.

Nintendo hopes the lengthy name with appease those that thought Wii was too simple. They also feel the new name is overly clear in its connection with gaming, so much so that it can't ever be confused with anything else.

Nintendo admits that their PR and marketing campaigns will have to be reworked, costing them millions, but they feel it was needed to appease their fanbase.

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