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Google Announces PornWords and PornSense

Google's AdWords and AdSense internet programs have made huge waves in the online advertising arena. Online advertisers can quickly and effectively target specific keywords and/or sites to place their ads. With that, the context sensing system allows (almost) all kinds of web publishers to easily place ad blocks on their sites that will automatically determine the type of ads to display based on the content on the page. The system's ease of use and effective convertion ratios have been a huge draw for both advertisers and publishers.

However, arguably the most lucrative online businesses, adult entertainment sites, have been left out of the Google advertising money train. Google's current terms of service don't allow adult oriented content, as they have been trying to maintain a family friendly image... until now that is.

Earlier this week Google announced that they have decided to start an adult related advertising service that will work almost identical to the AdWords and AdSense programs. The only real difference is that all the ads will be adult entertainment oriented. Google is calling the programs PornWords (for advertisers) and PornSense (for web publishers). The pay per click is expected to be nearly ten times the amount of the more family friendly versions.

The program is currently in beta and is by invitation only, though Google expects the number of participants to grow greatly over the next few months. Google hasn't released many details about the program yet, though they have confirmed PornSense ads cannot be displayed on pages running Adsense ads so webmasters will need to choose one or the other. Google has also said that, for now, banner images will not contain any nudity, though they haven't decided whether or not it will remain that way.

Google has not released any dates for when the next phases of the program will take place. As such, invitations to the beta PornSense program are selling on eBay for as much as $100.

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