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Top 12 Effects Video Games Have on Gamers

There is much controversy over the impact video games have on gamers. The biggest debate is over the sex and violence in video games and whether or not that translates into more violent and sexually active gamers.

Below is a list of the top 12 effects video games have on gamers, which is based on a recent study released by some very smart people that have never played a video game in their lives.

  1. Violence

  2. Alcoholism

  3. Urge to listen to Ashlee Simpson

  4. Tendency towards premarital sex

  5. Atheism

  6. Vegetarianism

  7. Tendency to become a fireman

  8. Scurvy

  9. Fear of shiny objects

  10. Bulimia

  11. Spontaneous combustion

  12. Enlarged penis / bigger breasts

As you can see from the list the negatives far outweigh the positives. However, the positives are quite strong, such as becoming a fireman, getting a larger penis, and spontaneous combustion.

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    I thought it was funny, quite funny actually I'm still laughing :) And I'm getting you more video games ;)

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