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Wesley Snipes Sues Blade Series

Hype surrounding the new Blade television series is starting to build. With a little less than two months remaining before it hits SpikeTV, Wesley Snipes has come out with a lawsuit that may delay, or perhaps permanently prevent, the premiere.

Snipes, the star of the Blade movie trilogy, is not part of the cast of the TV series, with his character instead being played by Kirk 'Sticky' Jones. Snipes isn't jealous of being passed up for the role, his problem with the television show is that it's paying Marvel for the licensing the character and story and not him.

You see, Snipes is claiming that Marvel bought partial rights to the Blade universe from Snipes. Not only that, Snipes is saying the character and story are not fiction, but based on him and his real life experiences. He is claiming that he can back up all his claims and has scheduled a press conference for next week to demonstrate his vampiric qualities.

"Even if he proves that he is in fact part vampire, this does nothing to prove that the Blade universe is in any way related to Mr. Snipes' life story," a Marvel representative announced. "We plan on fighting this absurd lawsuit and are confident a judge will remember that vampires, like vegetarians, are evil."

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  1. Ed Said:

    ha they should have atleast let wesley snipes be in it along with wisler instead of these new dumbasses

  2. Squirrelinabox Said:

    Yeah, I definitely agree Snipes plays a much better Blade than Kirk Jones. Only one episode has aired, so many Jones will learn how to do fight scenes at some point.

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