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Mario MMO Playable Characters Announced

On an story reported earlier, Nintendo announced Mario MMO as being a launch title for the Revolution. The playable characters had been kept secret... until now. Below are the confirmed playable characters or "races" for the new massively multiplayer online Mario game.

  • Yoshis: Everybody's favorite Mario dinosaur has been confirmed as being a playable race in the new MMO. Players will be able to choose their own color for their Yoshi and will start on Yoshi Island. Yoshi's specialties include speed, the ability to eat objects and creatures, and the use of "shell form". Yoshi is sure to be a popular character among Nintendo fans.

  • Toadstools: Toad has had an off and on run with Nintendo franchises. Toad was a playable character in the first Mario Kart, but was left out of Mario 64. He had a drought for awhile, as he was left out of being a playable character in many Mario Party games and Super Smash Bros. The Toadstool race was even abandoned for Piantas in Super Mario Sunshine. However, he will be a playable race in Mario MMO and will supposedly be the "balanced" character with no huge strengths or weaknesses, just an all around jack of all trades. Toadstool characters will start out in the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Piantas: These guys are one of the newest additions to the Mario world with their introduction in Super Mario Sunshine. Their specialty is their offensive strength and they will start on Isle Delfino.

  • Boos: The ghost enemies that have been found in many Mario games will be a playable character and will start off in the Haunted Mansion. Boos will have the ability to turn invisible temporarily as well as causing fear in other creatures for a paralysis effect.

  • Koopa Troopas: Koopa Troopas have been a staple in most Mario games and Mario MMO will be no different. Koopa Troopas will come in a variety of different colors and will have strong defensive capabilities. Players choosing to be a Koopa Troopa will start in the Mushroom Kingom.

  • Goombas: The Goombas will be another balanced character. Not overly strong or weak in any one area, their balanced stats are their strongest trait. Goombas will also start in the Mushroom Kingom.

With this announcement, Nintendo also explained how the PvP aspect would work. Toadstools, Yoshis, and Piantas are all considered "good guys" and Boos, Goombas, and Koopa Troopas are all "bad guys". The good guys cannot attack each other, same for the bad guys. However, if any good guy character meets with any bad guy character they can attack each other at will. Nintendo hopes to have epic good guy vs bad guy battles with hundreds of players all fighting for control of key areas.

The list is supposedly not a complete list, and other playable characters are expected to be announced closer to launch.

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  1. Lagoona Said:

    and if this is true.when will it be out?

  2. bret Said:

    will it have mission like it did in 64 and galexy

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