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Nintendo Working on Mario MMO

There have always been talks of whether or not Nintendo would bring one of its popular franchises to a massively multiplayer online universe. It seems as though that question has been answered, and it's Mario and his friends that are going to greet you online when Nintendo's next console, code named the Revolution, launches later this year.

Supposedly Square Enix is working with Nintendo on the game, which is simply named Mario MMO for now. Squaresoft was the developer for the beloved Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo, and is supposedly bringing in many elements from that game to the new Mario MMO.

Confirmed gameplay elements include:

  • Platforming: Players will move from town to town viewing the world and their character with a 3-D isometric camera view. Classic Mario platforming elements (as found in Super Mario RPG) will be a part of the world, including breaking blocks with your head and bouncing on weak enemies to kill them and bouncing on tougher enemies to get an advantage in the fight.

  • Classic Mario Locations: It wouldn't be a mario game without your typical lava, haunted mansion, desert, and underwater locations.

  • Timing Based Combat: An increasingly popular combat mechanic in mario RPGs is the ability to time a button press or joystick movement with a maneuver to increase the damage and/or string combos. This feature will be a prominent part of hte battle system in Mario MMO. Specific attacks have not be revealed, but rest assured fireballs, bouncing on heads, and hammers will all likely be present.

  • Items and Gear: Most MMOs put a strong emphasis on collecting items and gear, Mario MMO will be no different. Confirmed items included racoon feathers, frog suits, stars, mushrooms, shells, and even tanooki suits! Nintendo said to expect to find just about every item from all mario games, including mario kart, in Mario MMO, though some of the popular ones will obviously be rare and difficult to obtain.

  • Characters: Unfortunately Nintendo and Square Enix are being very tight lipped about the types of characters you can choose to play as. Nintendo has announced that you will not be able to play as any of the "main" Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Bowser, or Princess Peach. However, Nintendo has assured everyone that all those characters will be in the game as parts of the story and as NPCs. Some may even join you on certain missions.

That's about all the information released as of now. ATN will keep everybody posted on any new information as it gets released.

update: Mario MMO playable characters revealed.

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  1. Jetz Said:

    Ok, I need like a source or something to bolive this incredible news...

  2. Decaf Said:

    I really hope this is true....

  3. I love Mario Said:

    Where do i go? i gotta check this out...:)

  4. I love Mario Said:

    Where do i go? i gotta check this out...:)

  5. Monkeyhair Said:

    I had this idea long ago

  6. Lagoona Said:

    why cant you play as shyguys? i wish you could because they're cool

  7. Lagoona Said:

    but is it true?

  8. Lagoona Said:

    awwwwwwww cant they just put it on computer?

  9. jollter Said:

    almost true? thats bull. its already released and ive played it

  10. tomchris Said:

    maby you shud make spechal attacks that work with 2 caractors like mario luigi superstar saga(you could allso make it to were you control 2 or more)

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