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Web 4.0 Coming to an Internet Near You

Some of the founding web engineers behind web 2.0 have let it slip that they've begun work on a batch of web 4.0 websites that will "absolutely blow visitors away".

I interviewed one of these great minds. He asked to remain anonymous, since some web 2.0 developers are quite upset that web 4.0 is coming out much too early.

Q: So, what exactly is web 4.0?
"It's everything you've come to love about web 2.0, but more advanced and more visitor oriented. AJAX was a key technology used with web 2.0 projects. Well, we've developed our own new technology that will take AJAX type user experiences to the next level. Imagine Google Maps on crack."

Q: What are some projects you know of that are currently in development for web 4.0?
"Due to competitive reasons and the simple fact that like you said, they are in development, I can't divulge many details about specific projects that are going to capitalize on the web 4.0 standards. I will say new and improved versions of everybody's favorite web 2.0 sites are in the works. This includes a Google Maps type project, a Digg clone, and a Flickr / MySpace combo."

Q: Some believe it's much too early to start developing web 4.0 websites when web 2.0 has just started getting off the ground. What is your take on that concern?
"It's never too early to make advancements in any field. If somebody out there decides to start work on a new food that could feed the world's hungry, should we tell that person it's too early to work on such a thing?"

Q: When are you expecting web 4.0 to be officially announced and/or unveiled?
Well, it's hard to say. We are waiting for a bit more input on web 2.0 before we lock in a few new standards for web 4.0. We want to make sure every new feature is a step forward and not a step back.

Q: What happened to web 3.0?
"To be honest, nobody noticed that web 2.0 was no different from web 1.0, so we figured we may as well skip up a version since it really doesn't matter."

Q: So what you're saying is the whole web "versioning" wave that's hit the internet is a facade?
"No, well, not really. I just mean, if nobody notices the differences, it doesn't mean the differences don't exist right?"

Q: Do you even know what web 2.0 is?

So there you have it, a concrete interview with an expert in the field confirming the existence of web 4.0.

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  1. fatima Said:

    I will work in this Application so i need all new things about it

  2. HaywireTech Said:

    Awesome. I can't wait for Web 4.0. I was just hoping you could give me more info on what to expect. I hope it is amazing.

  3. Shahana Said:

    Interesting and informative A good peek into what's next.

  4. bret Said:

    what about 3.0

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