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Company Sues Google Over Textbox Patent

WHLOP: We Have Lots of Patents
The U.S. patent system is generally regarded as a failure when it comes to technology. Evidence of this can be found in cases such as RIM's Blackberry vs NTP, Sony's Dual Shock vs Immersion, and eBay's Buy it Now vs MercExchange LLC.

Well, if you thought any of those patent disputes were absurd, you'll really love this. Apparently a company called WHLOP, which stands for "We Have Lots of Patents", has just sued Google for their patent on "Using a textbox on a web page to enter data, which then can be used for a variety of purposes such as storing for later use, searching, and logins."

A Google rep has said "We will fight this rediculous suit with as much force as necessary. It should be evident to the populace that such lawsuits can cripple advancements in technology." WHLOP has yet to comment on the suit.

WHLOP has other web based patents including; "highlighting text on a web page", "using a button to submit data", and "having images be clickable by hyperlinking them."

WHLOP has only attacked Google for now, but if their case against Google wins, expect to see many more lawsuits hit the web.

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