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Apple Announces iPod Jumbo

Realizing that they've shrunk the iPod about as much as they need to, Apple has announced that they have decided to take the iPod in the other direction with the iPod Jumbo.

The iPod Jumbo will be two feet wide and one and a half feet tall. The Jumbo will play music, video, and display pictures just like the iPod Video.

New features include:

  • Record video

  • Play exclusive iPod games

  • Browse the internet

  • Watch live TV

  • Record live TV

  • GPS navigation with real time traffic

Apple has said they have a few more features that they plan on keeping under wraps until the launch which is slated to be right around this year's holiday season. No word yet on the launch price, though many analysts are predicting a $1999 price point, which does seem like a high price to pay even if it is for an "all-in-one" gadget.

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