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Uwe Boll to Make Frogger Movie

Uwe Boll, director of such fine movies as BloodRayne, House of the Dead, and Alone in the Dark, is in talks with Konami to bring Frogger to the big screen.

Though most game related movies that Boll creates are generally considered the bottom of the barrel, many movie critics and game enthusiasts are hopeful that he gets one right this time around. With Mike Myers signed on as the lead and Jessica Alba acting as his love interest, there is a chance that this Boll movie might actually be decent.

There hasn't been much said about the script for the Frogger movie, but rumor has it that it involves our hero frog saving stranded frogs on the other side of a highway. Apparently Boll was planning on mimicking the first person camera perspective that was utilized in the Doom movie, but test screenings revealed many got motion sickness from the bouncing camera. No word yet on whether the bouncy camera will make the final cut.

Here's hoping Boll makes one that doesn't suck.

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