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More Heroes Spinoffs on the Way

NBC recently revealed Heroes: Origins, a Heroes spinoff that'll introduce new characters and storylines and will hopefully help maintain the huge success Heroes has been for NBC. Along with this news, it has been discovered that there are in fact, 14 different spinoffs that the show's creators are planning depending on how well the Origins spinoff does.

Below are a few of the confirmed possibilities:

Heroes: HB
A troubled teen hero makes his way to Huntington Beach where a well-to-do family takes him in and gives him a reason to stay out of jail. The family's nerdy son becomes best friends with the new hero as they poke fun of the artificial culture around them.

Superpowers in the City
Four females gossip about their recent relationships with the city's heroes (and the occasional villain). The main character writes her own column about the city's heroes and the superpowers she's constantly falling in and out of love with.

Extreme Makeover: Heroes Edition
Hosts of the show meet up with various heroes who have fallen on hard times. Sometimes helping the heroes develop their powers, other times helping them find just the right costume for a Friday night. The show looks to bring hope to all heroes out there who just need a little push in the right direction.

Charlie's Heroes
Three scantily clad female heroes work at a private investigation company. Charlie, their rarely seen boss, sends them out undercover on various missions where their cover is always inevitably blown.

Dancing with the Heroes
Heroes are paired up with professional dancers and compete to see who's the best. Judges rank them on their grace, poise, movement, and power usage.

Survivor: Heroes
Heroes are all put on an island with no food or shelter where they must compete to see who'll be the last hero standing. The heroes all use their powers during competition to fight for immunity so they can avoid the risk of being voted off by their team members.

Two and a Half Heroes
A hero and his son move in with the hero's brother. The brother, constantly using his powers to pick up women, and the father, ever reluctant about using his powers, are constantly battling with each other's parenting style which puts the boy in awkward situations.

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Spider-Man 4 Through 34 Already Planned

Spider-Man 3I doubt anyone is surprised that Spider-Man 3 is already a huge success. The fact that it's already breaking records and is on it's way to breaking more isn't much of a shock eithert. People are already expecting a sequel, but what they weren't expecting was Sony's recent announcement that plans have already been put into motion create not one, not two, but 31 sequels to the popular Spider-Man franchise.

Movie rights to Marvel's Spider-Man franchise have been bought through the year 2056. In fact, scripts have already been drafted and approved for the next 12 Spider-Man movies - which should be released over the next 20 years. Sony expects each to be released approximately every other year, though there may be exceptions.

Sony has also signed Tobey Maguire for at least the next three movies and has rights to his first born son to play Peter Parker once Tobey has aged beyond the role's requirement. There's no word on whether Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, or any other stars have been signed for future films, though it's expected that Dunst will surely be on board.

Hollywood's Plan for Increasing DVD Sales

When the DVD format came out, Hollywood was making hand over fist. In fact, they were experiencing double-digit growth a couple years ago. However, DVD sales are expected to grow only 2 percent this year, perhaps due to online rental sites such as Netflix and Blockbuster. This downward trend is forcing Hollywood to think up ways to keep the DVD format going until the HDDVD and/or BluRay formats become popular.

Apparently they've had their marketing gurus locked up in a room somewhere figuring out how to create a second DVD boom. The result of those talks is two words: bubble gum. Yup, Hollywood has decided to put all their eggs in one basket and start packaging bubble gum with their DVDs.

A rep from Hollywood responded to criticisms yesterday saying that "most movie studios have jumped on board this new marketing push as they all fully believe it to be a solid idea that will carry DVD sales through this year and likely through next year as well. Many don't just buy DVDs, they collect them. As such, by packaging bubble gum with each DVD, studios will recapture the nostalgia of the 'good old days' of collecting baseball cards."

He continued by saying "The gum packaged with the DVDs will all be the same stale gum we've all grown to love over the years. We loved it when we unwrapped our package of Topps cards and we hope people love it when they unwrap their box set of The Godfather or the latest Harry Potter."

While many are still baffled by this marketing maneuver, early trial runs have shown a large and steady increase in DVD sales. It is unknown whether or not used DVDs will come with used gum.

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Battlestar Galactica More Science Than Fiction

I don't want everybody to panic, but it has come to my attention that the Sci Fi channel's popular television show Battlestar Galactica is more science than fiction. To put it plainly, the general storyline in the show is based on real events. The show itself is actually a way to prepare us for the eventual arrival of the Human and Cylon fleets.

For those that haven't been following the show, basically, there were 12 colonies way out in space that were attacked by robots called Cylons. These machines obliterated the 12 colonies. A small fleet was able to escape and have been in search of the 13th colony, Earth. The fleet has been continuously chased by the Cylons, as the Cylons are very interested in Earth as well.

Those events, previously thought to be just a fabricated storyline for the show, are actually real events. The show was actually created by a few people from a scout ship to help prepare us for the fleet's arrival. There was a previous Battlestar Galactica television show, which was also meant to prepare us, but the fleet's arrival had to be delayed due to the Cylon's finding their trail.

The new show is meant to re-introduce us to what's going on so that we'll have a partial understanding of the situation. Though we have been given no dates on when the arrival may happen, we are told to expect it within 10 years. The reason for masking the show as a fiction was due to the fact that they didn't want to shock us or send us into panic, but rather give us some background information (even if we thought that info was purely fiction).

Unfortunately, the scouts themselves don't know the current situation with the fleet, as they have been here on Earth for about 5 years, so their information is old. As such, it is unknown exactly what Earth must do to prepare; if it's a war we must prepare for or somehow make plans to evacuate.

Hopefully the television show will shed some more light on Earth's role in this war.

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Wesley Snipes Sues Blade Series

Hype surrounding the new Blade television series is starting to build. With a little less than two months remaining before it hits SpikeTV, Wesley Snipes has come out with a lawsuit that may delay, or perhaps permanently prevent, the premiere.

Snipes, the star of the Blade movie trilogy, is not part of the cast of the TV series, with his character instead being played by Kirk 'Sticky' Jones. Snipes isn't jealous of being passed up for the role, his problem with the television show is that it's paying Marvel for the licensing the character and story and not him.

You see, Snipes is claiming that Marvel bought partial rights to the Blade universe from Snipes. Not only that, Snipes is saying the character and story are not fiction, but based on him and his real life experiences. He is claiming that he can back up all his claims and has scheduled a press conference for next week to demonstrate his vampiric qualities.

"Even if he proves that he is in fact part vampire, this does nothing to prove that the Blade universe is in any way related to Mr. Snipes' life story," a Marvel representative announced. "We plan on fighting this absurd lawsuit and are confident a judge will remember that vampires, like vegetarians, are evil."

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Uwe Boll to Make Frogger Movie

Uwe Boll, director of such fine movies as BloodRayne, House of the Dead, and Alone in the Dark, is in talks with Konami to bring Frogger to the big screen.

Though most game related movies that Boll creates are generally considered the bottom of the barrel, many movie critics and game enthusiasts are hopeful that he gets one right this time around. With Mike Myers signed on as the lead and Jessica Alba acting as his love interest, there is a chance that this Boll movie might actually be decent.

There hasn't been much said about the script for the Frogger movie, but rumor has it that it involves our hero frog saving stranded frogs on the other side of a highway. Apparently Boll was planning on mimicking the first person camera perspective that was utilized in the Doom movie, but test screenings revealed many got motion sickness from the bouncing camera. No word yet on whether the bouncy camera will make the final cut.

Here's hoping Boll makes one that doesn't suck.

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