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Comic-Con Marvel vs. DC Fan Fight

This year's Comic-Con in San Deigo ends later today, though it's likely the most exciting event has already taken place - an all out brawl between Marvel fans and DC fans.

Each year comic fans from all over the world join together at the comic convention to talk, show off their costumes, and to check out various comic vendors. Each year there's a tension between Marvel fans and DC fans, but so far nothing major has come of it... that is until today.

SupermanIt all started when a fan dressed as Superman hit on Jean Grey. Just as the Superman fan put his arm around the Jean fan, one of the Cyclops fans jumped in and shoved Superman screaming "Hey there alien scum. Why don't you stick to your own comic universe."

Superman proceeded to laugh at Cyclops, remarking that his costume looked "like a first grader made it during recess".

Cyclops took offense to this. Reaching up to his plastic Cyclops glasses, the dressed up fan tapped the side of his head making peww peww sounds.

Superman laughed again, reminding Cyclops that he was invincible. At this point, a fan dressed up like Spider-Man threw some green juice on Superman claiming it was kryptonite and proclaimed that Superman was now dead.

Four Batman fans jumped in and knocked Spider-Man and Cyclops to the ground, which caused a whole slew of Marvel fans to circle around. Every X-Man was accounted for (usually with multiple copies), as was the Hulk, Captain America, and just about every other Marvel hero. A group of DC heroes then came in, with 11 Supermans, 7 Batmans, 2 Robins, a Green Arrow, an Aquaman, and 2 Catwomen.

They all began yelling at each other, arguing which comic universe was supreme. Then they started using their fake powers on each other, but when nobody was willing to accept being harmed by another's powers, it came to real blows. Luckily the fans had rarely been exposed to such physical exertion, so they tired themselves out before anybody could do any serious damage.

The police finally arrived at the scene with the parents of all the disturbers. Nobody was arrested and no charges have been filed, though it has been said that they have all been grounded for a minimum of three weeks.

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Satan Discusses His 6/6/06 No Show

With yesterday being 6/6/06, many thought the day represented the sign of the beast, 666, with the beast being Satan. The day has passed, and Satan was a no show. Many are now citing his absence as proof that he does not exist.

Satan contacted ATN for an interview so that he could explain why he didn't show up on his day, and to try and convince people that he does, in fact, still exist.

So you exist huh?
Of course.

Then why didn't you show up on your big day?
Honestly... I didn't really feel the need. I mean look. Why waste my precious time doing some fancy demonstration when things are already going quite well for me up here.

What do you mean by that?
I really have had the easiest time in the world these last few years. With people blaming video games for just about everything, RIAA stomping out everybody's rights, and with people actually thinking removing Saddam Hussein from power was actually a mistake. I mean, things have to be going well if people can say with a straight face that ending Hussein's reign was a bad move.

But what about those that are now claiming you don't exist because nothing bad happened on "your" day?
I'm really not that worried. My favorite quote is the one that goes something like how my greatest trick was fooling people that I don't exist.

If that's the case, what do you think of all your fans out there that worship you?
Sure, I love those wackos that worship me with blood sacrifices, but that doesn't really help convert people to my side now does it? If you're on the fence on whether or not to be good or bad, do you think you'd be convinced to turn evil because of some goat sacrifices? Naw, I'd much rather sit back and watch you all destroy yourselves than risk scaring people off with weird rituals.

Do you have any ties with the infamous RIAA?
No comment.

What about Jack Thompson?
No comment! This interview is over, I'll be seeing you soon.

So there you have it. Apparently Satan likes the way things are going and didn't feel the need to show himself yesterday. I guess it's a good thing he didn't appear, but it'd be nice if he wasn't so confident that he didn't need to.

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E3 Changing to E4 Next Year

E3 is only a few days away, but they're already looking at ways to improve for next year. Perhaps the biggest change is going to be that next year they are going to be E4. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is adding "Extreme" to the beginning making it the Extreme Electronic Entertainment Expo.

They are trying to jump on the "extreme" bandwagon like many others have in recent years. Genres like Extreme sports and products like the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition have added the extreme factor to attract younger audiences, which is an audience E3 (soon to be E4) is hoping to expand upon.

Even though they already have a good hold on a young demographic, they are trying to appeal to a wider spectrum in that younger audience; beyond the "geeks" and "nerds" that frequent the yearly tradeshow.

While some are applauding E3's attempt at widening it's fanbase, many others say it's too little too late, and that it's just plain tacky.

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China Bans Web Surfing

China is no stranger to banning technology. In the past they have banned minors from playing games that allow you to kill other players, search engines, and even weird baby names. This past week China added a ban on running email servers without a license, allowing the government to more closely control the citizens' available information.

Yesterday it was announced that China has decided to fully tackle the internet by completley removing the ability for its citizens to browse the web. They have developed their own browser that will bring up pre-selected websites that have been approved and that are constantly monitored. The user will not be able to search for websites or click on any hyperlinks, as all "browsing" is done via a form of slideshow.

When users open the browser they are asked for a topic. After entering their topic, one of the pre-selected websites will appear with all links removed. The only option a user then has is to click the "next" or "previous" buttons at the bottom to view the next website related to the topic.

China is hoping that this will help them completely control the online content available to its citizens.

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Google Working On Gaware For Your Car and Home

Well, Google has finally moved beyond the desktop and internet with their new project titled Gaware. Google's new (and free) product hits the road in the form of a technologically advanced automobile, home, and internet integration system.

The system is a combination of GPS, Google Maps, real-time traffic, and wifi connectivity. The system will actually connect to your home computer allowing you to access anything your home computer can access including email, important documents, and instant messaging.

Gaware will be able to track the places you go to and the purchases you make using the GPS navigation. By doing so, the car and/or your computer can alert you to items you may need to pick up on your way home from work, like groceries or remind you to drop off some bills that may be due.

The system will also roll out with a new enhancement to Gmail and Google Talk where emails and IMs can be "tagged" as a specific alert. These alerts will be things like changes in schedules, location changes, or reminders. What that means is that somebody can email or IM somebody (or themselves) with a specific tag that will let Gaware know to alert the driver that something has changed.

For example, let's say you get in your car to head to a meeting that is scheduled for 1:00 pm at a park. On your way your assistant gets a phone call saying your client can't make it until 1:30 pm and that they want to meet at their office instead. If your assistant emails your email account with a tag saying that the schedule and the location have changed, Gaware will pick it up and alert you. But it won't just alert you, it will also update your GPS points to the office location specified in the email along with a tag of the new time.

That's not all though; Gaware can also then determine that between you and your new meeting location there is an Home Depot and that your spouse emailed you earlier saying to pick up some paint for a project. It will take the extra 30 minutes time into consideration and ask you if you'd like it to plan a route to Home Depot first then to the meeting. If you do go to Home Depot, you can then tell the system what you picked up and it will email back to your spouse what you've picked up.

So, you're thinking this is all pretty amazing but why would Google spend time and money on such a large, free product? Like everything Google... it's in the ads. Google's Gaware will track everything you do in your car along with all the purchases you make. With that information Gaware will place small ads on the navigational unit. Google says that these ads will not only bring in money, but will be an added benefit for its users since the ads will be targeted to the individual's needs, making the ads very relevant. There is also rumor that Gaware may eventually be linked to specific radio stations so that radio ads can be tied to the individual driver's spending habits.

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Marvel and DC Looking For More Trademarks

In case you've been out of the comics loop, Marvel and DC have been trying to own the word "super-hero" by trademarking it. Well, it has come to my attention that they have decided to take things a bit further and trademark many more words and phrases commonly associated with comic books and super-heros.

Below is that secret list:

  • evildoer

  • good guy

  • bad guy

  • sidekick

  • cape

  • tights

  • heat vision

  • faster than a

  • off like a

  • henchman

  • headquarters

  • take over the world

  • or else

  • evil plan

  • evil genius

  • evil lair

It is more than likely that there are many more words and phrases that Marvel and DC are working on trademarking. It seems as though both companies are waiting to see the outcome of their super-hero trademark battle before proceeding with any more trademarks.

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