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Tivo Announces Series 4 Features

With Tivo Series 3 already a success, the company has announced that development on Series 4 is already underway. While the complete set of features and enhancements are still being worked out, Tivo has released an initial wishlist that they hope will be implemented with Series 4.

Enhancements / Features

  • More Space - the product will come with a single hard drive option - 20 terabytes (approx. 20,000 gigabytes) and will be come with 10 pre-loaded HD movies of your choice.

  • New Colors - the system will come with 9 colors - white, blue, black, red, green, pink, brown, purple, and grey.

  • Hidden Suggestions - the "suggetions" feature will feature an option users can set to hide all adult programming so that visitors won't see what you've really been watching.

  • Wii integration - use Nintendo's Wii remote to navigate the Tivo menus and control playback options.

  • Online Messaging - able to create a "buddy list" that users will be able to use to send messages back and forth.

  • Voice Recognition and Tivo Personalities - perhaps the biggest feature will be the new TivoPersonal option. When you buy your Tivo, you'll be able to purchase a specific personality for your box. These personalities will work with advanced voice recognition software to learn your likes and dislikes and will be able to better interact with you and provide you with a better overall entertainment experience. Reps say these personalities will show a variety of emotions from joy and excitement to anger and jealousy. Examples include how recording too much porn could make your TivoPersonal personality jealous or over protective. Go on vacation or just not turn on your TV for awhile and your Tivo may get lonely. Tivo reps fully believe the personalities will add a new dimension to home entertainment that people have been lacking.

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5 New iPod Side Effects Revealed

A new study by a 17 year old high school student showing that iPods can negatively affect pacemakers has prompted an ongoing investigation to other possible side effects for the popular portable music device.

5 newly discovered effects have been released:

  • Insomnia - 100,348 cases have reported where people claimed having an inability to sleep without the use of an iPod.

  • ADHD - prolonged exposure to the sounds produced by the iPod has caused a reported 1,238,205 individuals to develop ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) due to increased dependency on background music.

  • Paranoid Schizophrenia - 60,304 iPod users have developed paranoid schizophrenia as their brains now translate the noises they hear as people being "out to get them".

  • Spontaneous combustion - the heat given off by the iPod has been linked to at least 5,325 cases of spontaneous combustion.

  • Death - so far there have been 32,303 reported cases of iPod causing death (number does not include those associated with spontaneous combustion).

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Microsoft's Zune To Play a Different Tune

As Microsoft announced it's development of the Zune entertainment player, many instantly made the comparison to Apple's iPod and assumed it was an attempt at competing with it. However, recent hardware specs have been leaked that indicate Microsoft may be planning on taking on more than just the iPod.

In the leaked specs, Microsoft mentions that Zune will be "a first generation Microsoft portable 'everything' device". The specs go on detailing key features of the device including:

  • Ability to play games downloaded from XBox Live Arcade.

  • Built in keyboard for gaming, texting, and surfing.

  • Ability to connect with Microsoft's new Live Anywhere technology.

  • Ability to be used as a portable phone.

  • Built in GPS functionality.

  • Ability to function as a universal remote.

  • Pre-installed Microsoft Windows ZOS (Zune Operating System).

  • Built in motion sensing capabilities.

With all the included features and components, many are already comparing Microsoft's Zune to the failure that is Nokia's N-Gage. Currently, the Zune measures in at nearly three times the size of Apple's iPod Video, which is the cause of much concern for shareholders.

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Apple Announces iPod Jumbo

Realizing that they've shrunk the iPod about as much as they need to, Apple has announced that they have decided to take the iPod in the other direction with the iPod Jumbo.

The iPod Jumbo will be two feet wide and one and a half feet tall. The Jumbo will play music, video, and display pictures just like the iPod Video.

New features include:

  • Record video

  • Play exclusive iPod games

  • Browse the internet

  • Watch live TV

  • Record live TV

  • GPS navigation with real time traffic

Apple has said they have a few more features that they plan on keeping under wraps until the launch which is slated to be right around this year's holiday season. No word yet on the launch price, though many analysts are predicting a $1999 price point, which does seem like a high price to pay even if it is for an "all-in-one" gadget.

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nVidia and ATI Same Company

nVidia ATI
The battle between nVidia and ATI for video card dominance has long been the cause of much debate amongst the computing community. The struggle between the two companies has been a ping pong match of hardware heavy hitters. No company has been able to gain a clear lead in the market share long enough to be considered "the best" or the most popular. However, the entire struggle seems to have been a giant marketing maneuver, as it has been discovered that both companies are in fact part of the same company.

Years back when Voodoo lost it's grip on the graphic card market, a single company started up with the intention of dominating the entire video card industry. The founders knew that maintaining a lead in such a market would be extremely difficult, since up and coming hardware companies were all jockeying for position. This is when they realized they could make two companies with two different cards that would compete in the consumer's eye but really be working towards the same goal; make lots of money while squeezing out the real competition.

With the plan laid out, the key people decided to keep the entire process a secret for obvious reasons. As such, most employees for each company are completely unaware of the farse they are a part of.

For the last few years the release of new video cards has been staggering. Most attribute this to the competition between the two companies. With that, consumers have basically been forced into upgrading their video card on a much quicker time table than would be necessary had the fake competition never been created.

nVidia and ATI have successfully fought off real competitors while tricking consumers into upgrading video cards at a much quicker pace. It has yet to be determined how the courts are going to handle the monopoly since breaking it up immediately would have adverse effects on both the employees and the consumers.

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