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Nintendo Announces Wii Wear

Nintendo Wii Wear
Gamers around the world were shocked last week when Nintendo launched Wii Wear - a new Wii inspired clothing line. Hoping to capitalize on the Wii's success, Nintendo has created Wii boots, Wii remote necklaces, Nunchuck earrings, and a variety of other apparel and accessories that, at first, seem quite rediculous. However, early reports show that, like the Wii, Wii Wear clothing is already sold out around the globe - with lines continually forming each morning at retailers with eager Wii Wear hopefuls.
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Secret BlizzCon Goodies Revealed

Tickets to Blizzard's BlizzCon 2007 are already sold out, and that's with the company still holding back on announcing some extra goodies participants will be receiving. Swag, a beta key to an upcoming game, and an in-game murloc suit have already been announced, but those goodies seem to only be the beginning.

All BlizzCon 2007 participants will also be receiving the original Warcraft game along with an all new expansion for the game that will not be released to the public. 100 randomly selected attendees will be getting an autographed advanced copy of a DVD containing a compilation of all cutscenes from every Warcraft game that's been released as well as over a dozen scenes never before seen by the public. The DVD is expected to hit stores in time for this year's holiday season.

While many have been speculating that the beta key will be to the recently announced Starcraft 2, it has been leaked that the beta invitation will actually be to a Tower Defense flash game that Blizzard plans on releasing to the public later this year. Blizzard hopes to capitalize on the latest flash game sensation. With flash games like Desktop Tower Defense, Flash Element TD, and Onslaught demonstrating the popularity of Tower Defense games, Blizzard hopes that they'll be able to corner the market by utilizing their vast gaming resources.

Even with all the above goodies being planned for the convention, Blizzard's sure to have at least one or two more big surprises in store for us all.

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Jessica Alba's Gaming Interview Inspires Other Celebrities

Jessica Alba's gaming interview not only helped her seem more down to earth, it also pushed her up a few notches in the minds of gaming geeks everywhere. It didn't take long for other celebrities to jump on the tech geek bandwagon as movie, television, music, and sports celebs are all setting up interviews and sending out press releases talking about their own tech-related hobbies and interests.

Brad Pitt has revealed that XBox 360 game Viva Pinata is his favorite game and that he plays nearly 20 hours a week. He's also admitted that the Mousemallow is his favorite pinata and that he's sacrificed much of his garden to keep them alive and thriving.

Charlize Theron's agent sent out a press release detailing Theron's obsession with World of Warcraft. Apparently she's been playing since the initial beta and has been playing under an alias (and refuses to let anyone know her name or the server she plays on) so that she won't get mobbed by fans in-game. She does reveal that her main character is a level 70 undead warlock and she has an alt that's a level 56 rogue gnome. The press release went on to describe Theron's passion for PvP and also her recent dabbling with in-game role playing.

Sean Connery's gaming addiction is with the popular casual game Bejeweled. He's even admitted that his love of the game had a partial hand in his retirement from acting. He's currently going to therapy to try and bring his playing time down to a reasonable level.

Child star Dakota Fanning has admitted she's a big fan of the Halo series. Currently spending most of her gaming time with Halo 2, she's also recently participated in the Halo 3 beta and says that she's eager to play the final product. She has also confessed having an obsession with XBox 360 achievements and has been known to talk trash online during heated Halo matches.

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Blizzard Sues Gold Sellers, Player Base Plummits

Blizzard's latest World of Warcraft patch (2.1.0) put in place many countermeasures to slow and possibly stop the practice of farming in game gold and selling it for real-world cash. Along with the patch, Blizzard has announced that it has taken legal action against Peons4Hire, one of the largest virtual gold selling firms around.

Blizzard hoped the combination of the anti-spam advertising features released in the patch and the lawsuit against Peons4Hire would be welcomed by it's growing player base and help continue their dominance in the MMO field. Unfortunately for Blizzard, their latest actions have outraged most of WoW's populace. Players, once able to quickly achieve higher ranks and obtain l33t l00t via the services provided by firms like Peons4Hire, now are faced with the grim realization that they must actually do the hard work themselves. As such, many players have decided to stay logged off until Blizzard changes its policies. Those that do login usually find themselves picketing the virtual streets of WoW.

To make matters worse, Blizzard has just received in-game WoW statistics that show 79% of WoW players were employed by gold farming/power levelling firms like Peons4Hire. With the new restrictions and penalites in place, the player base instantly dropped over 95% as gold farmers and the players who depend on them protest by not logging in.

Blizzard continues to emphasize it's resolve in not allowing gold farming firms to affect the gameworld's progress, but there's no denying the impact such resolve has had on the company's business.

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Nintendo Developing Wii Drinking Game

Nintendo's Mario Party franchise has become well known for being a great drinking game for college student while the game itself leans towards the more innocent and "kiddy" with cartoonish characters and relatively simple games. For many years people have had to come up with their own rules to transform the party game into a drinking party game, but Nintendo plans on changing all that with their newly announced Wii Drink Party.

So far Nintendo has been fairly tight lipped about the game, though some details have recently been leaked. We do know that some traditional drinking games will make it into the final product, including beer pong, quarters, California Kings, and flip cup. On top of that, Nintendo promises to include some original drinking games that are made possible with video games and more specifically the motion controlled Wii.

It's also been revealed that the game will come with four clips that will enable the Wii remote to be attached to drinking cups, thus allowing the game to determine how much each player drinks during the drinking parts of the game. Similar to Wii Sports, Wii Drink Party will intersperse screens between games reminding players to not drink and drive and to drink responsibly.

No release date has been announced.

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Virtual Crimes to Become Real Crime?

A recent Wired article asking whether or not virtual rape is a crime has stirred up trouble for virtual communities everywhere. In the article, the author brings up the issues surrounding virtual sexual advances and how unwarranted advances have been compared to real world rape. The conclusion drawn at the end of the article is that while such acts may be quite awful, they are not criminal. Lawyers and activists seem to have ignored that part as a movement has started targetting all deviant behavior found in all sorts of online communities, including, but not limited to social networking sites and video games.

People Against Common Sense (PACS) is the name of a new group formed to take on online communities where this "deviant" behavior can be found. The group claims that all sorts of digitally realized crime should be punishable by the "real world" counterpart. For example, PACS suggests that a person who kills another person during an online game such as Counterstrike or Battelfield should face first degree murder charges. Similarly, underage restrictions such as those dealing with drinking, gambling, and driving will be targeted. This means that all driving games will be restricted to persons 16 and older in most US States.

PACS has already drafted a bill and almost has enough backing in the legislature to see their goals realized. Gamers everywhere are protesting, but with political candidates eager to add such legislation to their "selling points", it's likely that some form of PACS bill will become law.

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New Bill Proposes More Gaming Restrictions

There has been much discussion and debate over the effects games have on gamers, with the latest news being that of a Jack Thompson backed bill that would ban certain types of games from being sold to minors. It isn't really a suprise that Thompson is, once again, behind such an attack on the gaming industry. What is suprising is that the bill has been approved to go to the Senate for final debate.

You may think a law limiting sales to minors is necessary, which is definitely arguable, but the text in this newly proposed bill is quite ludicrous when it says that it would be illegal to sell, rent, or lease a game to a minor if it met the following three conditions:

  1. The average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the video or computer game, taken as a whole, appeals to the minor's morbid interest in violence.

  2. The game depicts violence in a manner patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community with respect to what is suitable for minors.

  3. The game, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.

The problem is that this bill has opened the doorway for even more laws restricing game sales and use. Yesterday one such bill was announced that includes the following restrictions on game use:

  1. Game useage must be kept at a maximum of 30 minutes a day for minors and 60 minutes a day for adults. The maximum use per week must not exceed 120 minutes for minors and 200 minutes for adults.
  2. Minors may only play governmentally approved educational software.
  3. Minors may not play any game that has the capability of being connected to the internet. Additionaly, minors are not to play games that are able to be modified.
  4. Both minors and adults that play games for more than 90 minutes in a single week must have a therapy session that will determine if there have been any negative effects. If such negative effects are found, the person will not be allowed access to games for at least one month.

The above restrictions are clearly a major step towards controlling the impact gaming has on society. Though there is much opposition to this new bill, the legislative body seems to be leaning towards supporting it.

Drafters of the bill claim that such control will help prevent violent crimes and the increasing "moral degradation" that they believe society is experiencing.

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E3 Wrap Up

Well, this year's E3 is finally over and there's still a ridiculous amount of information floating around. We here at Almost True News have put together a list of notable gaming tidbits that'll hopefully shed some light on this year's E3.


  • Wii Remote: Perhaps the most talked about item at the expo was Nintendo's Wii remote. It was revealed that it's capable of not only motion sensing technologies, but also has the ability to play sound, release smells, produce immense heat or extreme cold, rumble, and can produce small electric shocks.

  • Smash Bros. Brawl: Nintendo revealed a few new playable characters for the highly anticipated Smash Bros. Brawl. Among those announced; Meta Knight (Kirby), Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson's-Punchout), Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat), Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), Green Pipe (Mario), and Pit (Kid Icarus).

  • DS Ultra Lite: Though the DS Lite has yet to be shipped in the United States, Nintendo announced that the next version, the DS Ultra Lite, would be out by this year's holiday season.


  • Live Arcade Update: Microsoft announced that Live Arcade game downloads were outnumbering store bought game sales by over 40 to 1. With that, they've decided to discontinue producing large scale games to be sold in retail stores. Prices of Live Arcade game are expected to raise over the coming months.

  • Gamertags: It was discovered that Microsoft's popular "gamertag" information is currently being sold to 3rd parties.

  • Xpod: Microsoft concluded their press conference by revealing their portable gaming device dubbed the "Xpod". It is expected to play XMD format movies, Mp3z, act as a phone, and will be the backbone to the newly announced Microsoft Live Anywhere technology.


  • Press Conference: Sony had a really good openning press conference that has left everybody feeling very excited, especially with the $600 price tag and "borrowed" Wii technology.

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Nintendo Changes Console's Name... Again

It was announced yesterday that Nintendo was changing its next console's name from Revolution to Wii. This news was not good news for most of the gaming community, though there were a few that seemed to like it.

Most thought the name was set in stone; that there was no chance of Nintendo changing the name again. Those people were wrong.

Nintendo announced today that they have listened to their fans' complaints and as such, have changed the name of their console once again. Gamers didn't like the simplicity of the Wii name, the obscure meaning, and the connection with the slang "wee wee". With that, Nintendo has decided to name their next console the Home Gaming Console Machine System.

Nintendo hopes the lengthy name with appease those that thought Wii was too simple. They also feel the new name is overly clear in its connection with gaming, so much so that it can't ever be confused with anything else.

Nintendo admits that their PR and marketing campaigns will have to be reworked, costing them millions, but they feel it was needed to appease their fanbase.

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Top 12 Effects Video Games Have on Gamers

There is much controversy over the impact video games have on gamers. The biggest debate is over the sex and violence in video games and whether or not that translates into more violent and sexually active gamers.

Below is a list of the top 12 effects video games have on gamers, which is based on a recent study released by some very smart people that have never played a video game in their lives.

  1. Violence

  2. Alcoholism

  3. Urge to listen to Ashlee Simpson

  4. Tendency towards premarital sex

  5. Atheism

  6. Vegetarianism

  7. Tendency to become a fireman

  8. Scurvy

  9. Fear of shiny objects

  10. Bulimia

  11. Spontaneous combustion

  12. Enlarged penis / bigger breasts

As you can see from the list the negatives far outweigh the positives. However, the positives are quite strong, such as becoming a fireman, getting a larger penis, and spontaneous combustion.

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