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Nintendo Announces Wii Wear

Nintendo Wii Wear
Gamers around the world were shocked last week when Nintendo launched Wii Wear - a new Wii inspired clothing line. Hoping to capitalize on the Wii's success, Nintendo has created Wii boots, Wii remote necklaces, Nunchuck earrings, and a variety of other apparel and accessories that, at first, seem quite rediculous. However, early reports show that, like the Wii, Wii Wear clothing is already sold out around the globe - with lines continually forming each morning at retailers with eager Wii Wear hopefuls.
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Secret BlizzCon Goodies Revealed

Tickets to Blizzard's BlizzCon 2007 are already sold out, and that's with the company still holding back on announcing some extra goodies participants will be receiving. Swag, a beta key to an upcoming game, and an in-game murloc suit have already been announced, but those goodies seem to only be the beginning.

All BlizzCon 2007 participants will also be receiving the original Warcraft game along with an all new expansion for the game that will not be released to the public. 100 randomly selected attendees will be getting an autographed advanced copy of a DVD containing a compilation of all cutscenes from every Warcraft game that's been released as well as over a dozen scenes never before seen by the public. The DVD is expected to hit stores in time for this year's holiday season.

While many have been speculating that the beta key will be to the recently announced Starcraft 2, it has been leaked that the beta invitation will actually be to a Tower Defense flash game that Blizzard plans on releasing to the public later this year. Blizzard hopes to capitalize on the latest flash game sensation. With flash games like Desktop Tower Defense, Flash Element TD, and Onslaught demonstrating the popularity of Tower Defense games, Blizzard hopes that they'll be able to corner the market by utilizing their vast gaming resources.

Even with all the above goodies being planned for the convention, Blizzard's sure to have at least one or two more big surprises in store for us all.

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Jessica Alba's Gaming Interview Inspires Other Celebrities

Jessica Alba's gaming interview not only helped her seem more down to earth, it also pushed her up a few notches in the minds of gaming geeks everywhere. It didn't take long for other celebrities to jump on the tech geek bandwagon as movie, television, music, and sports celebs are all setting up interviews and sending out press releases talking about their own tech-related hobbies and interests.

Brad Pitt has revealed that XBox 360 game Viva Pinata is his favorite game and that he plays nearly 20 hours a week. He's also admitted that the Mousemallow is his favorite pinata and that he's sacrificed much of his garden to keep them alive and thriving.

Charlize Theron's agent sent out a press release detailing Theron's obsession with World of Warcraft. Apparently she's been playing since the initial beta and has been playing under an alias (and refuses to let anyone know her name or the server she plays on) so that she won't get mobbed by fans in-game. She does reveal that her main character is a level 70 undead warlock and she has an alt that's a level 56 rogue gnome. The press release went on to describe Theron's passion for PvP and also her recent dabbling with in-game role playing.

Sean Connery's gaming addiction is with the popular casual game Bejeweled. He's even admitted that his love of the game had a partial hand in his retirement from acting. He's currently going to therapy to try and bring his playing time down to a reasonable level.

Child star Dakota Fanning has admitted she's a big fan of the Halo series. Currently spending most of her gaming time with Halo 2, she's also recently participated in the Halo 3 beta and says that she's eager to play the final product. She has also confessed having an obsession with XBox 360 achievements and has been known to talk trash online during heated Halo matches.

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2008 Webby Awards Categories Revealed

With the 2007 Webby Awards announced, the 2008 format is already being worked on. With so many genres of sites being created and popularized, it has been revealed that there will be 142 new categories added to next year's roster (this year there were less than 70). 5 of those new categories have already been confirmed:

  • Fansites - Every television show, movie, and musician seems to have at least a dozen or so popular fansites - often in the form of a blog. These sites will have their own category next year, each broken into their own genre (music, television, movie, actor/actress, etc.).

  • MySpace - As much as we may fight it, MySpace is a Web phenomenon that's not going away anytime soon. There will be at least 3 separate categories for MySpace alone (profile, blog, friends).

  • Web comic - Web comics are continually gaining fans, so next year those same fans will be able to vote for their favorites.

  • Flash games - The surge of flash game sites has created the need for a Webby category to honor the best of the best. The award will be awarded to the best flash game site as a whole, not to an individual flash game.

  • Porn - Probably the most controversial new category, but also likely to be the most popular. Webby reps are quick to point out not only the popularity of porn sites, but their overall impact on the Web as a whole.

Internet Taxes Coming to a Web Near You

News of Congress pushing internet tax leglislation has many Web surfers scared - and with good reason. Not only are "standard" taxes being proposed, such as sales tax on Web shopping, more extreme taxes are also being considered. Below is a list of confirmed internet taxing ideas Congress will be considering over the next few months.

  • Sales tax on internet shopping.

  • Monthly taxes on DSL and other connections.

  • Streaming audio and video tax (per minute).

  • Download tax on all files with higher fees based on file size and type.

  • Search engine tax (per result).

  • Image display tax.

  • Form submission tax.

  • Email tax.

  • Instant messaging tax.

  • Page view tax.

Not surprisingly, many frequent Web surfers are up in arms. Many Web-based businesses such as Google, Amazon, and Yahoo! have voiced their concerns that the new legislation would severly harm their dealings on the Web. Most brick and mortar shops are backing the new legislation claiming it will level the playing field and will only put restrictions on Web-based businesses that are already on non Web-based businesses.

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Netflix Announces NetChix

Eager to expand it's online rental dominance to other markets, Netflix has announced a new service called NetChix that will bring their rental expertise to the escort and prostitution world.

With the project currently slated for an end of 2007 release, Netflix hopes to capitalize on all the lonely souls out there for the holiday season. Netflix expects to gain many new customers who will be looking for family gathering dates, holiday party arm candy, or merely some companionship during what would otherwise be a lonely holiday season.

Hoping to avoid legal troubles, NetChix will not offer it's prostitution services for states and cities where laws prohibit such activities. They will still offer platonic escorting services to those areas even though many fear the "planotic services" will end up being full on prostitution.

Many groups have come out in protest to the newly announced NetChix. Legal action is currently not an option as courts have already dismissed two cases against the service and have released a statement confirming the legality of the current plan for NetChix. Fearing loss of business, local pimps and hoes have started a lobby group they hope will stir up new legislation banning web-based escort and prostitution.

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Tivo Announces Series 4 Features

With Tivo Series 3 already a success, the company has announced that development on Series 4 is already underway. While the complete set of features and enhancements are still being worked out, Tivo has released an initial wishlist that they hope will be implemented with Series 4.

Enhancements / Features

  • More Space - the product will come with a single hard drive option - 20 terabytes (approx. 20,000 gigabytes) and will be come with 10 pre-loaded HD movies of your choice.

  • New Colors - the system will come with 9 colors - white, blue, black, red, green, pink, brown, purple, and grey.

  • Hidden Suggestions - the "suggetions" feature will feature an option users can set to hide all adult programming so that visitors won't see what you've really been watching.

  • Wii integration - use Nintendo's Wii remote to navigate the Tivo menus and control playback options.

  • Online Messaging - able to create a "buddy list" that users will be able to use to send messages back and forth.

  • Voice Recognition and Tivo Personalities - perhaps the biggest feature will be the new TivoPersonal option. When you buy your Tivo, you'll be able to purchase a specific personality for your box. These personalities will work with advanced voice recognition software to learn your likes and dislikes and will be able to better interact with you and provide you with a better overall entertainment experience. Reps say these personalities will show a variety of emotions from joy and excitement to anger and jealousy. Examples include how recording too much porn could make your TivoPersonal personality jealous or over protective. Go on vacation or just not turn on your TV for awhile and your Tivo may get lonely. Tivo reps fully believe the personalities will add a new dimension to home entertainment that people have been lacking.

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Blizzard Sues Gold Sellers, Player Base Plummits

Blizzard's latest World of Warcraft patch (2.1.0) put in place many countermeasures to slow and possibly stop the practice of farming in game gold and selling it for real-world cash. Along with the patch, Blizzard has announced that it has taken legal action against Peons4Hire, one of the largest virtual gold selling firms around.

Blizzard hoped the combination of the anti-spam advertising features released in the patch and the lawsuit against Peons4Hire would be welcomed by it's growing player base and help continue their dominance in the MMO field. Unfortunately for Blizzard, their latest actions have outraged most of WoW's populace. Players, once able to quickly achieve higher ranks and obtain l33t l00t via the services provided by firms like Peons4Hire, now are faced with the grim realization that they must actually do the hard work themselves. As such, many players have decided to stay logged off until Blizzard changes its policies. Those that do login usually find themselves picketing the virtual streets of WoW.

To make matters worse, Blizzard has just received in-game WoW statistics that show 79% of WoW players were employed by gold farming/power levelling firms like Peons4Hire. With the new restrictions and penalites in place, the player base instantly dropped over 95% as gold farmers and the players who depend on them protest by not logging in.

Blizzard continues to emphasize it's resolve in not allowing gold farming firms to affect the gameworld's progress, but there's no denying the impact such resolve has had on the company's business.

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Nintendo Developing Wii Drinking Game

Nintendo's Mario Party franchise has become well known for being a great drinking game for college student while the game itself leans towards the more innocent and "kiddy" with cartoonish characters and relatively simple games. For many years people have had to come up with their own rules to transform the party game into a drinking party game, but Nintendo plans on changing all that with their newly announced Wii Drink Party.

So far Nintendo has been fairly tight lipped about the game, though some details have recently been leaked. We do know that some traditional drinking games will make it into the final product, including beer pong, quarters, California Kings, and flip cup. On top of that, Nintendo promises to include some original drinking games that are made possible with video games and more specifically the motion controlled Wii.

It's also been revealed that the game will come with four clips that will enable the Wii remote to be attached to drinking cups, thus allowing the game to determine how much each player drinks during the drinking parts of the game. Similar to Wii Sports, Wii Drink Party will intersperse screens between games reminding players to not drink and drive and to drink responsibly.

No release date has been announced.

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More Heroes Spinoffs on the Way

NBC recently revealed Heroes: Origins, a Heroes spinoff that'll introduce new characters and storylines and will hopefully help maintain the huge success Heroes has been for NBC. Along with this news, it has been discovered that there are in fact, 14 different spinoffs that the show's creators are planning depending on how well the Origins spinoff does.

Below are a few of the confirmed possibilities:

Heroes: HB
A troubled teen hero makes his way to Huntington Beach where a well-to-do family takes him in and gives him a reason to stay out of jail. The family's nerdy son becomes best friends with the new hero as they poke fun of the artificial culture around them.

Superpowers in the City
Four females gossip about their recent relationships with the city's heroes (and the occasional villain). The main character writes her own column about the city's heroes and the superpowers she's constantly falling in and out of love with.

Extreme Makeover: Heroes Edition
Hosts of the show meet up with various heroes who have fallen on hard times. Sometimes helping the heroes develop their powers, other times helping them find just the right costume for a Friday night. The show looks to bring hope to all heroes out there who just need a little push in the right direction.

Charlie's Heroes
Three scantily clad female heroes work at a private investigation company. Charlie, their rarely seen boss, sends them out undercover on various missions where their cover is always inevitably blown.

Dancing with the Heroes
Heroes are paired up with professional dancers and compete to see who's the best. Judges rank them on their grace, poise, movement, and power usage.

Survivor: Heroes
Heroes are all put on an island with no food or shelter where they must compete to see who'll be the last hero standing. The heroes all use their powers during competition to fight for immunity so they can avoid the risk of being voted off by their team members.

Two and a Half Heroes
A hero and his son move in with the hero's brother. The brother, constantly using his powers to pick up women, and the father, ever reluctant about using his powers, are constantly battling with each other's parenting style which puts the boy in awkward situations.

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